Dunedin Excellence

Ash @ Dunedin! I love your creativity! The heart on the ECG says it all. It looks like you've had some fun creating your posters, and I love it!!! I think it is a measure of your resourcefulness that you have been able to navigate a path around those early obstacles. It is obvious that your demeanour has had a lot to do with bringing everybody on board, so whatever you did.....do more of it!!! The next step to a successful project is often sharing your success at a conference as a poster or a presentation. We used the notion to further embed engagement and pride in the concept among our peers. It gave us something to talk about, something to collaborate over, and something to engineer pride in the workplace because it created an aura of leading the way with our cultural commitment to safety and quality in our workplace. To be more poetic, I guess you could say it made us feel we were 'dancing on the cutting edge of advanced practice' lol :) I would love to use the photos of your noticeboards on the website if you are happy with that. And we would LOVE a photo of you in your scrubs! Great work deserves recognition and we would love to be able to be a vector for that. I think you have proved one thing. 

Kiwis don't just win at rugby. At the heart, they win at everything! 



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