Helen Murrie @ Bacchus Marsh

Hi Helen. It is lovely to hear from you. John has been away on holiday. When I spoke with him, he said he would gladly get in touch with you when he gets back. It is exciting to see that Below Ten Thousand continues to have relevance around the world. Currently there is a lot of work being done on it at The Royal Blackburn Hospital in the U.K. Rob Tomlinson, our champion there, seems intent on spreading it right across the NHS! His efforts have put him in the running for a Trust Award, so we wish him good luck! Our experience seems to be that running 'Below Ten Thousand' as a Safety and Quality project is a great way to meet accreditation requirements. All our resources are immediately available and can be downloaded and used for free; It harmonises the whole multidisciplinary team around a single objective; And as the NHS has found, it supports even the quietest voice in the room when it comes to flagging possible sentinel moments in any operative procedure. We are so glad you found us and made contact. Please feel free to let us know how you go, or if you need any further help, because we would LOVE to be able to put the names Helen Murrie and Bacchus Marsh on our website Leader Board! Pete!


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