Plane Exciting @ The Royal Blackburn Hospital

Rob Tomlinson has done it again!

He has worked with a Graphic Design class at Blackburn College to create an amazing visual extravaganza which cannot help but elevate 'BelowTen Thousand' to unprecedented new heights!

I might as well just include my letter to him and let you read for yourself how impressed I am:

Rob! Wow!!! The posters are excellent! Together they convey superbly the different elements of 'Ten Thousand Feet' in a visual display crammed wall-to-wall with dynamic impact! You should be congratulated for your inspiring ability to bring together a unique collaborative effort which cannot help but create excitement and engagement around a safety and quality initiative that privileges empowerment. Please extend my congratulations and humble thanks to the Graphic Design class for producing such a wonderful and diverse array of thought-provoking images. Their efforts, individually and in unison, engineer a wonderful sense of community and clarity of purpose. I'm totally impressed! Pete Smith Below Ten Thousand Australia  

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