Ashley Kirk

Ashley Kirk is brilliant! Ash is a British expat working as an Anaesthetic Technician in Dunedin, New Zealand. In the course of asking for advice on selling'Below Ten Thousand' to a cohort not convinced of its value, Ash directed my attention to the new AORN Position Statement on noise and distraction in the operating theatre. It is 1 AM on a Sunday morning and suddenly I am wide awake. There is much to think about: 1) If Ash is successful, can BTT claim to be a worldwide phenomenon? 2) Should noise and distraction behaviour be a core clinical competency? 3) Why is it that professionals who would fight to the death to procure that new ultrasound with the price tag of a Porsche (and argue on the grounds of increased safety and better outcomes) be dismissive of a safety innovation that is intrinsically valuable, widely applicable, laughably simple and FREE? 4) After all, communication breakdown and distraction are significant contributors to preventable errors resulting in poor outcomes (read increased morbidity and mortality, true story!), not to mention making a difficult job even more difficult.  5) Should I write to AORN?? 6) Is ACORN considering a Position Statement on noise and distraction too?

7) What else am I missing? Suddenly there is an avalanche of stuff to do! Ashley, I will reply to your kind email soon. I hope what I say may help. Thank you so much for so brilliantly inspiring me on our shared journey. The loss of sleep? It's not your fault. It is my fault I woke in the early hours of the morning.  I had to give a bottle to a VIK (Very Important Kitten). 

Pete! (Photo: Harry (son) asleep with Nekomamushi)

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