I was talking to John Gibbs yesterday. 

It seems that he and Rob Tomlinson are of exactly the same mind:

That the one thing missing from the Surgical Safety Checklist is the ability to call the team together - a 'stop, look and listen' motif with universal application. 

An operating theatre team is actually several teams within a team. 

All have their own roles, skills and goals to execute.

Each team sets off individually in pursuit of their respective outcomes and together phenomenal things are achieved. 

There is one point at which the whole team must come together. 



Meaningfully engage. 

As boring and repetitive as the checklist may be, patient safety depends on it. 

As independent and autonomous as surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses are, they MUST be inclusive at this sentinel moment. 

Who needs 'Below Ten Thousand'?

I'd say they surely do. 

And John Gibbs, Suzanne Salafia-Rogan and Rob Tomlinson are just the people to sell it to them. 


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