Rob Tomlinson

Rob Tomlinson is a champion. 

He is the Junior Charge Nurse in the Vascular Theatres at the Royal Blackburn Hospital in the UK. 

Rob contacted us earlier this week.

"The 10,000 initiative has got people talking at Royal Blackburn. It really looks like we are going to embrace the concept." 

He has already given a few presentations to his nursing colleagues.

He is soon to present to the anaesthetists and surgeons. 

Sensational work, Rob!

It is heartwarming to meet someone who understands that culture is everything.

A team with a proactive and supportive culture can achieve great things!!!!!

We applaud your leadership and we applaud your theatre team for their enthusiastic commitment to safety and quality. 

Safety and quality?

Questions 5&6 in our original survey:

Creating change is not easy. 

It takes lots of time, energy, guts and drive. 

And a great poster to stick on the wall!

Totally well done! 






(PS We are indebted to Geelong anaesthetist Dr Drew Marriott for the inspiration for and precise wording of these two questions)

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