And so it is that having been to the Post Office on my way to work, I stopped in at a little bakery around the corner from the Royal Hobart for some lunch. . Calling 'The Pigeon' a bakery is a bit like calling NASA a courier service. . But I digress. . It is here I meet Hailey. 

. "Do you mind if I sit here?" she asks, indicating the stool next to me at the bench. . I ask her how her day is. She responds initially with a "Good." And then she corrects herself with a qualifier. "Maybe not so good. I just had to ask some colleagues to stop talking next to my desk." . If she thinks I am going to think she is silly, little does she know who I am. . We talk about cognitive executive functioning and the effects on the brain when it has to do battle with intrusive noise and distraction. . We talk about the barriers that exist which prevent us from asking for a distraction-free work environment at those times we need precisely to focus. . In short, we talked about 'Below Ten Thousand', but from the context of an open-plan office setting. . Hailey, you are an inspiration because you chose to ask respectfully for the environment you needed in order to undertake your complex work. . And to me the pure amazement is that you chose to sit next to me in a bakery 3000 kilometres from my home, and you decided on the spur of the moment to answer a simple question truthfully. . Pete! . . . 

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