Emergency BTT Meeting

Yesterday John and I had an emergency Below Ten Thousand Meeting.

"What could be so urgent?" you may ask.

Well, our official BTT Restaurant, Le Thai Chef in Bell Park, North Geelong is awesome, for starters.

I had the Green Chicken Curry. My mouth is still watering just thinking about it!

And my imminent departure from nursing was a background theme.

The most important agenda item, though, was a letter from the Minister for Health, The Hon Ms Jill Hennessy MP, addressed to Pete @ Below Ten Thousand.

It seems that she was very interested in a novella I wrote about Bullying and Harassment in the Public Health Sector.

"I am committed to ensuring that healthcare organisations are safe, respectful and healthy places," she wrote.

"It is critical to patient care that health professionals can perform their jobs in a safe and professional environment that fosters staff engagement, teamwork and accountability."

She brought to my attention the Victorian Auditor General's report she commissioned, 'Bullying and Harassment in the Health Care Sector', of which I am the proud possessor of a bound copy.

Download and read your own copy TODAY!

She also directed me to her recently launched strategy arising from the Auditor General's Report,

'Our pathway to change: eliminating bullying and harassment in healthcare'

The strategy is to be led by Dr Helen Szoke, who ironically graced me with a visit for a chat at Geelong Hospital when she was the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner many years ago!

Since you will be busy with the Victorian Auditor General's report today, download and read the Minister For Health's strategy document TOMORROW!

Last but not least, Ms Hennessy was pleased to hear of my involvement in the 'Gathering of Kindness'!

As you can see we have been busy.

Our Below Ten Thousand work on High Performance Teams has, as a central element, the notion of TRUST throughout the team AND the organisation.

That is why we are taking on the potentially career-shattering challenge of advocating for the 'Kindness' vision,

of which Mary Freer and Catherine Crock are pioneers.

Yup. The quest for kindness requires bravery.

Who on earth would have thought?

That is why it was an emergency meeting!


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