BTT: A Functional Truth?

German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer once said, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

And so it is with 'Below Ten Thousand'.

At the time of its creation, John and I worked in an environment that was predominantly noisy.

That noise, we realised, was a threat to safety and quality.

That noise, we realised, was a threat to the engineering of high reliability outcomes.

That noise, we realised, was contrary to what was expected of a high performance team with acute situational awareness.

And so it was that we came up with a no cost strategy which would attain behavioural compliance and attenuate focus on the task at hand at key and pivotal times.

It was, and is, treated sceptically by those most resistant to the notion of changing their disruptive behaviour.

For these people the most obvious strategy is to ridicule 'Below Ten Thousand'.

Next, those who feel threatened by the advent of a clinician-led culture change, those who see a potential upheaval in their base hierarchal politics, seek to shut down every effort to authenticate it.

And as so often happens, others see the tangible benefits for what they are.

They treat it as a given and adopt it fully and without question.

'Below Ten Thousand' is more than just quiet in the operating theatre at key and pivotal times.

It is a shoe in the door to more powerful high performance team constructs, how we work in a team as a team in a way that opens up collaboration and shuts down the will to conflict.

It is a shoe in the door to human factors and ergonomics.

It is a shoe in the door to learning about maximising human cognitive, physical and emotional function and experiential learning.

It is a shoe in the door towards low cost, high impact futures surrounding human performance.

In the end, as Schopenhauer said, it becomes self evident.

Only one question remains:

"Given the choice, you can be first on board, or you can be last on board.

What does your choice say about you?"


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