My New Hat

John and I are presenting at ACORN 2016 on the power of Social Media in generating Clinician-led culture change.

I think it's fair to say we are looking forward to it.

It is an equally exciting time to see the journey of 'Below Ten Thousand' continue in its usual humble way.

It is the small things that leave a glow in our hearts.

Like my new hat!

People see me in my new hat.

They stop and say "Nice hat!" because it has planes on it and it has my name embroidered on the side.

They ask me where I got it, because for twenty years, I've always worn a white disposable theatre cap.

I ask them if they know Sherice Burgess.

I stand there and watch them search their memory banks.

They say "......I don't think so."

I say "Sherice works at North West Private Hospital in Brisbane. She sent us four hats!"

And then they punch me because they know that I know they don't know Sherice. 

Until now!

I then go on to tell them the story of how Sherice introduced 'Below Ten Thousand' to her hospital 2000 km away.

And I tell them how, when a mysterious package arrived at our operating theatre reception, a crowd of people gathered around whilst we opened our present, and how they admired the design and the craftsmanship that went into the stitching that makes our hats all works of art.

And how, faced with four hats, John and I tried to decide which hats I should have and which hats he should have, until we finally decided that I should have the ones with 'Pete' embroidered on them and he should have the ones with 'John' embroidered on them.

But the main point is that we meet these amazing people on our 'Below Ten Thousand' journey who have this driving passion for quality and safety at the heart of their engagement with their work each day every day come what may.

And these people generously give us more joy than you can ever imagine at the thought that they, in their desire to become agents of positive culture change, become the heroes of their workplace, and also the heroes of ours when we tell our friends about the people we've met and the things that they do.

My new hats?

They're AWESOME!

And they're awesome not just because of who and where they came from, but because of the excitement they create.

Because they make every day....not just another day!

They make each day....another adventure!


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