The Future of Healthcare is Now.

The future of Healthcare is NOW..

The growth area in some hospitals is not administering care.

It is in Administrating care.

And as happy as people are to receive the best possible care,

They are ALWAYS happier when they don't get a bill.

And so it is that the future which is now and and the future which is tomorrow is decidedly different to the one I envisaged through my ideology, my experience, my training and my ethical values.

The fantasy of a clinical-excellence-driven system is still rampant amongst nurses and nursing, because we still teach in terms of high reliability, high safety high value compassionate, respectful, accountable and engaged care delivery rather than self-preservation in the face of an overwhelmed system.

The reality, maybe only in some hospitals, is that the dollar is in charge, and is going more into creating the impression of excellence rather than delivering on it, and the barriers created by the perceptual disconnect can seem impossibly high.

For the reality of Disconnect, see here.

Amidst this, great good people still do great good work.

And remain dedicated to doing that great good work,

.....Excellence in the face of all difficulties.....

As best they can.

And within the context of this good work, they still try hard to reimagine the future:

One full of wellbeing and kindness.

A part of me is always a little sad when I model for students the compelling desire to perform at a perfect and perfectly high clinical performance level,

...One of 10/10 for excellence...

Because I know that in their desire to subscribe to exactly the same level of respect, accountability, compassion, commitment, dedication and innovation that I do, that I am selling them under the same hostile bus I was sold when I started my journey from novice to expert.

So how can we be kind to ourselves and each other?

On the 31st of March and the 1st of April 2016 I attended the 'Gathering of Kindness', an exceptional event held by Mary Freer and Catherine Crock at Duneira Estate, Mount Macedon.

It was an event to reimagine the future, and what an event it was.

You can listen to Rachael Kohn's Radio National Program about the event here

The future?

Sadly, I won't be around to be part of it.

I've already played my last hand.

I am relying on the artisans of the future to deliver on promises I have made but couldn't deliver.

My next journey will hopefully be kinder to my battered and bruised self than the goodwill journey I've been on for the last twenty years.

And if it ain't?

I will only have the weather to blame,

Merciless beast that it is!

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Most hospitals, I know, are not like this.

Sadly, inevitably, some are.


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