Brieana Rose


From the very first moment I set foot in a hospital

From the very first day I started to train as a nurse

It was vividly, abundantly, morally clear to me that

Respect for the sick was paramount.

People don't choose to be sick.

They have the imposition sadly thrust upon them

There is no 'more deserving'

There is no 'fair'

Illness is merciless and indiscriminate.

And it was the duty of all

Right throughout the hospital

To administer toward the wellbeing of those in need

Without reserve or discrimination.

This is the very foundational tenet of nursing

One of its fundamental pillars

Applicable in each and every instance

As the vulnerable pass continually before us.

In order to be treated, people need to be able to come to us without fear

Because fear delays presentation

Distrust leads to non-compliance

These both signpost the path to increased suffering

And suffering is a thief of the soul.

To act counter to such virtue ethics

Is to betray a patient's trust

Is to create a mirage of the fact we care

Is to make a mockery of those who labour relentlessly

Who lend, every day,

Every ounce of their mind, body and spirit

To the most worthy of humanitarian goals.

Anyone who would act to betray another

To disrespect them and their misfortune

To deprive them of their own authenticity...

Does not deserve to be called a nurse

And has no place in the caring profession.

Anyone who DOES act in this way

Devoid of compassion, respect and good faith

Should be prohibited from practicing in patient care

In any of its forms

Ever again.


Any government that allows this behaviour to not be punishable needs to be told.

To be told that we don't EVER accept this as OK.

To be told that no one must ever endure this breach of human rights

To be told that the laws in New South Wales need to be changed NOW!!!

So NOW is YOUR chance to make a difference.

Follow the links below, and tell the NSW Government.

Tell them to change the LAW....

And change it NOW!!! petition

Twitter: @19BrieanaRose

Facebook: Brieana-Rose Campaigner

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