Ordinary Extraordinary

Returning the ‘Ordinary’ back to ‘Extraordinary’

– The Goose Bump Effect.

I remember my first time in an Operating Theatre.

My eyes as wide as dish pans, trying to navigate this foreign world of beeps, bongs, lights and smells.

I witnessed a patient being taken to the edge of their very existence.

Being given powerful medications.

Airway Doctors and Nurse securing the airway.

Being connected to a machine that gave the ‘breath of life’.

Theatre Technicians carefully positing the patient on the operating table then connecting up a plethora of background equipment.

A dedicated Surgeon delicately navigating the internal organs of the patient while an attentive focused team of nurses handed up instruments with strange names, and procured many different items from boxes in a window.

The completion of surgery was celebrated with due respect and care to the application of the wound dressing.

Airway Doctors and Nurses then returned the patient back to the world of consciousness.

How Extraordinary was that.

Goose Bumps prickled my entire body.

Now I reflect on the things I do on a daily basis, each and every day.

I never fail to acknowledge how ‘Extraordinary’ my ‘Ordinary’ really is.

I have Goose Bumps when I actually think about what we do, each and every one of us, a team of individuals dedicated to delivering the highest quality health care, each and every day.

Bring back the ‘Goose Bumps’ by Celebrating how ‘Extraordinary’

our ‘Ordinary’ really is.


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