Human Factors? It's in the Bag!

A Change Day Australia Pledge has led us down another ground-breaking path.

Our Pledge?

"To explore opportunities to learn more about human factors in Anaesthetics"

So.... put together the phenomenology of BTT participation in an airway simulation,

the appearance of a MicroFigures AFL game in the supermarket,

And a collection of assorted AFL Lego-style football player characters,

Then throw in a Carry-case,

And some very crudely created operating theatre furniture (Pete!).....

Now wave a magic wand, and......


You have in a convenient carry case the ability to model Simulated Simulations, or 'SimSims', as Pete calls them!

Let me introduce to you.... a world first:

A prototype 'SimSim Case'

Get a group of people together to play.

Pick an operation, any operation.

Now model how your team does stuff like:


Team Constructs

Communication Pathways

Task Segregation

Task Succession

Traffic flows, Access and Egress

Leadership and fluxing leadership

Redundance and Team Restoration


OK, I admit it.

There are only so many scrabble tiles to go around.

And Two is the number of 'C's

Sorry, Scrub Nurses.

You are not really a SQRUB Team.....

But after I'd laid out AnaesthetiC (16 points)

and SurgiCal (11 points)

What was I to do?

If it's any help, you have the highest value per number of letters....

SQrub (16 points)

That's GOT to be worth something!!!!!

And you get to feel sorry for the Techs (TEX) (10 Points), who missed out as well.


Go PLAY. It's good for you!!!!! (FOLLOW LINK HERE)


PS: What on Earth have I done with the left over scrabble letters?

The anaesthetic team gets to concentrate on the WINDIOPOLY

Surgical team gets to focus on the ZONKINEEJOINT.

All you can hope is that the odds of success.....PHAVAU (Favour you??????)


See our Poster Presentation @ ACORN 2016 in Hobart!

See the Game's Instructions here!

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