Collaboration 101

I've just finished nights.

And where has all my creativity gone?

My brain is in 'limp mode', and I feel like I can Wardly string two Herds together.

Just as well John has been on the job!

In this short time, he has done an awesome job editing our video for Change Day Australia;


He has collaborated amazingly with Stewart Flemming, a brilliant Hand and Plastic Surgeon from Western Australia, to add a vital and extra dimension to our 'Below Ten Thousand' initiative.

Stewart introduced us to the concept of 'Slowing Down Moments', which flag High Value Moments in surgery upon which the ability to focus, distraction-free, are imperative to best outcome.

(See Dr Carol-Anne Moulton's paper here: )

So now, thanks to Stewart's collaboration, we have


Use Below Ten Thousand @

Surgical Count




Slowing Down Moments

Stay tuned for the re-release of all our published material as we reinvigorate our Below Ten Thousand message with this important feature change!


You bet we do!!!!!!

It's what makes ALL ideas.....betterer and betterer.


Sorry. It's my Dight Nuty brain!


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