Be Excellent to Each Other

Hospitals are monuments to caring and hope.

And so it is that you would expect hospitals to display within their very systems of work processes and ethical behaviours that underline this paradigm.

Unfortunately, lived experience and shared lived experiences from clinicians across the state, across the nation, and across the world seem to indicate that this is underwhelmingly the case.

Instead of adopting the underlying philosophy of Bill and Ted on their Excellent Adventure (1989), metrics repeatedly demonstrate that the values of Respect, Compassion and Trust towards staff are repeatedly absent in the application of our own workforce directorate's explicit governance.

That is, humanitarian aspects of governance are dashed underfoot as the focus on production pressure subverts all other concerns.

Worse, those doing the work have been rendered voiceless, comprising no more than a background wailing of the seemingly 'deservedly oppressed'.

The management-clinician divide is no small matter.

It is a central feature of every health-care related whistlblowing tragedy in recent history, and the central feature of currently outstanding Workplace Safety, Equal Opportunity and Human Rights abuses as yet unremedied.

And so it is that bullying and harrassment go on unchecked, vertically, horizontally and longitudinally.

It is sad to say, and categorical to report that I see it every day, and yet, even I with my express wisdom am helpless to do anything about it.

The easy solution would be to let ourselves use as a benchmark the following guide:

"Is what I am expecting of my colleagues and my staff

consistent with this simple affirmation:

"Be Excellent to Each Other?"

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