Bottom Performance Teams

Yesterday at work we revisited the idea of high performance teams.

Interestingly, I came to see the flaw in the idea.

The false representation is that high performance teams are preferred practitioner teams.

The 'Elite'.

It is a simple mistake to make, especially in terms of the sporting model we have fixated in our heads.

Teams are made to win.

The best players make the best teams.

Ergo: The highest performing team is our best players all in the same room at the same time.

On the other hand, lets look at the 'Pete Ideal' of High Performance Teams:

Create a solid game plan.

Then grow capacity in that game plan.

Create within it opportunities to learn.

Then suddenly, everyone can be a part of a high performance team.

Ergo: The highest performing team is a TEAM.

Maybe I should rephrase the concept.

The most important member is not the person with the most experience.

The most important person is the person with the most POTENTIAL....

...operating in a system of work that supports their growth.

It is scary to think of high performance in Healthcare

as something other than exceptional clinical knowledge and skill,

because we have framed it as such for so long.

Unfortunately, however, that assumption is not the entire truth.

The softest underbelly in healthcare is our behavioural TEAM competencies,

and the systems we devise to support them.

And so the challenge becomes to let go of our elitist assumptions enough to grow a team.

Sure, it is a challenge

If we don't like a challenge, we're f---ed.

If we DO like a challenge, we've got a game on our hands.

So maybe I should call it 'Bottom Performance Teams'

so that everyone gets the ?????Correct????? picture!


Read our 'High Performance Teams' work here!

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