Black Box Thinking

It's not my fault.

Graeme made me do it.

Graeme is multifaceted.

He is a soil scientist.

So when he arrived at my house, the first thing he said was "Ahhh. Cracking clay!"

He is also a paramedic in the Northern Territory, and he has recently read 'Black Box Thinking'.

So of course, a discussion led to a whiteboard session.

And with a bit of concept constructualisation, this is what I derived from what he said.

What does it mean?

I asked YOU first!



(Spoiler alert by popular request......)

Interestingly, in order to get to systemic independent functionality from the original minimal idea, you have to blast through the cognitive dissonance field, which is constructed from the beliefs and subsequent belief rationalisations around the idea.

In order to arrive at valid opportunities, you have to disband those strongly held and often irrational beliefs.

The opportunities then become:

to watch for

identify and


solutions in order for them to become closer to rationality,

(or as good as they can be within the derived contextual framework)

Which finally reframes people as the solution rather than the problem.

Thanks, Graeme!

Fruitful discussion about 'Black Box Thinking' and the idea of 'failure week'.

Now I'm going to have to read the book and find where I've gone wrong in my constructual thinking.

If all this makes no sense, don't worry. Just call me crazy and throw away the key!

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