High Performance Team: a practical demonstration.

So what can a high performance team look like? I recently had the pleasure of being a member of a high performance team and together navigate the dangers and challenges of a potentially difficult airway.

Prior to even receiving the patient into our department, our team, lead by an amazing Anaesthetist and Fellow, had a huddle and discussed the airway plan and also how we would act if we ran into problems. A high performance team recognises that effective communication is imperative to achieve the best possible outcomes. A high performance team recognises individual skills. A high performance team logically collects and assembles safety systems around themselves. A high performance team works in an environment free of noise and distraction and where all staff are situationally aware and ready to act. Finally a high performance team clearly and without the potential for confusion or misinterpretation, identifies and presents the team with potential solutions to unknown problems prior to commencing the journey. How clear was that.!!!! Thanks for a great day.


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