As you may have seen if you follow our Facebook Page, we have a competition on the go.

It is for a nurses' wellbeing course run by Jane Robotham at Soul Clarity.

To avoid mixed messages, I prefer to let the experts do their own talking.

Therefore, for matters Jane addresses, talk to Jane.


She does amazing work and deserves all the credit we can give her for the importance of what she is trying to achieve.

I know.

I've had the benefit and the pleasure of her instruction!

And if you want an idea of HOW important Jane's work potentially is, watch this documentary by Stanford University's Robert Sapolsky.


Baboons? Stress hormones? The British Civil Service?....

What more can you want from a brilliant 55 minute 'stat dose' of info-entertainment?

It seems to me that the only difference between humanity and baboons is that we have mobile phones...

And the ability to rationalise our behaviour after the fact.

AND.....even....the capability of making some rational and affirmative choices???????

Don't take my word for it.

I'm no expert.

I'm just......


Want to read some science?

A Pacific Culture among Wild Baboons: Its Emergence and Transmission

Robert M. Sapolsky, Lisa J. Share (2004) PLoS Biology Vol 2 Issue 4 P 0534-0541

Tres bon.

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