Pete's gone MAD!

Call me crazy and throw away the key!

I've gone mad.

That may come as no surprise to you, but that still did not stop people from taking a second look when they saw me playing with a kids footy game whilst at.....shock.....WORK!!!!!

Now I know I've done some dumb things before, but this probably takes the cake.

So what was I doing, do you think?

Well, gone mad....that's a given.

But there was some method in my madness.

I've finally found a way to model human factor ergonomics, task sequencing, teamwork and communication pathways in the operating theatre.

And all it cost was $30 AUD!

I haven't had so much fun since I had my ant farm! ($320)

So here goes:

A case crashes through the door.

You know the ones:

The ones that have you emerging gasping for breath a few hours later thinking: "I should have been home....hours ago!"

The ones that permeate, or rather, dominate our entire thinking, and yet we don't get to practice them until we get to DO them.....


In amongst the multiple people, the multiple task sequences, the on-the-run decision making under intense time pressure, the communication, the congested airspace and the doing, there are multiple chances for tightening up our game plan and being more strategic about how we do the things we do.

Don't get me wrong.

We do PHENOMENAL things.

This is about doing those phenomenal things even more phenomenally, using more sophisticated educational and mentoring and stress innoculation tools and techniques in practice to augment what we do on the ground in the heat of the moment.


I've made an operating theatre out of an AFL football ground.

Believe me. It works.

Call me crazy.

And throw away the key!

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