Supportive Clinicians for the Advancement of Medical Pantheism:

We are not what we think we are,

It's more like: "What we think, we are."

Performance under the ideal is easy.

When pressure mounts and stressors threaten to unseat us, our actions and our mistakes reveal

more about ourselves than we could ever imagine.

Therefore, stress inoculation, or behaviour under fire should be an essential ingredient in

developing mastery in any skill.

This goes for business and leadership behaviours as well as clinical skill-sets,

The opportunity is to learn who we are, and to make sure that who we are is who we think we are.

That is, bringing our idea of who we are and the reality of who we are, together.

In Health care, dualities are everywhere.

Unfortunately, increasing division leads to an 'impoverishment inherent in increasing complexity'.

Pantheism, on the other hand, gives rise to a Spinozan philosophical construct where there is a 'unity of all substance', or a single united megalith of single united purpose, that is, all in healthcare working together to achieve a common, overarching and optimal outcome.

Supportive senior clinicians nurture and grow the next generation of carers, and help them overcome past generations of previously unsolvable challenges.

Challenges everywhere are a given.

They rise up and bite you on the arse when you are not looking, when you least expect it, and

when you are least prepared for it.

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

But it ain't, and they aren't.

Somewhere in here is a message, but I'm not sure for who or for when or for how.

Knowing what I know about the subconscious, I know that I know it's eventually for me.

All I can say is:


It is hard; it takes heaps of energy.

And it doesn't often turn out the way you expect it will.

But the lens of self-reflection is a good one.

And the sooner we learn more about ourselves, the better we, and those around us, will be.


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