The Masterchef in BTT

If we were ever looking for a role-model from 'Masterchef' for our 'Below Ten Thousand Medical' Models of Care, Matthew would be it.

His own personal commitment to excellence, his character strengths, his ability to engage with and lead his team par excellence in the team challenges, combined with his unrelenting support and encouragement of the other contestents makes him a three-hat person in our eyes.

His final dish, a lasagne cooked to perfection in the Australian (CWA) style, not only left a legacy to his ethos of caring deeply for those around him, but also left a measure of the man who is prepared to forge forth with his own vision, fully prepared to celebrate his foundations as well as building foundations for those that follow in his footsteps.

Matthew, your lasagne recipe, funnily enough, is similar to my lasagne recipe, and whilst you may have been voted out of the Masterchef kitchen, you are voted INTO the 'Below Ten Thousand Medical' Model of Care as an exceptional example of mentorship and inspiration.


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