Periodic Table of Anaesthetic Nursing


Anita LOVES anaesthetics.

But as a student, she has worked with so many people who have told her so many things and have so many ways of doing things.

So, now that she is nearly all growed up, we took on board the challenge of putting it all together.

But how?

The Periodic Table offers a solution to classifying elements in terms of layers of complexity, recurring and developing themes.

So we thought it might offer forth some strategic methodologies which might help solve our dilemma.

Early days yet, but as a work in progress, I get the feeling we are off to a good start.

We included a way to put together simple anaesthetics, then moving to more complex anaesthetics in a way that (hopefully) accentuates work flow and thoroughness.

We also included non-technical elements as a separate inclusion.

In the end, the whole thing becomes a novice's checklist.

As well it is a manager's workload quantification tool because it feeds into the 'Below Ten Thousand Medical' Tectonic Plate Tetris Theory of Workload!


Pure chance!

In everything, it is the student's task to teach me something, and Anita did so:

"Find out an 'interesting thing' about the patient which helps personalise the process."

It makes other details about the patient (Allergies etc) easier to remember, and thus adds a 'safety' factor to the whole patient-centric model of care.

Click the picture for our printable PDF.

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