Learning Teaching


I got taught by my student yesterday.

It may have been a simple thing, but it was an awesome simple thing.

She knew something I didn't.

And in learning something I thought I knew well before, I know now better.

And Alicia now knows that even teachers can be slow learners.

It all started when, during a quiet moment in Recovery, I was telling her about the day I was caught teaching a couple of students to make paper cranes, and how I got out of it by aserting that each crane is a little bit different, just like our patients. So we can treat one hundred different patients the same way, and get one hundred different responses.

Alicia was like "I love making paper cranes!"

So we cut up a Recovery Discharge Criteria Chart and compared techniques.

What we found was that her cranes were different to my cranes, and they were better!

Put side by side, what I once thought was good looked two dimensional and lacked personality.

It turns out that the difference was just a few extra steps:

We started off with the same foundations, but her finished product, though it looked clean and simple, had a better underlying architecture.

So I applied a technique I learned from a podcast on learning to learn, and it seems I am learning.


I tried again this morning, and though I was all thumbs and butchered it, eventually I got there!

So learning about learning is learning about teaching.

It was one of many times I have learned from students, and now I consider it part of their job description.

I'll let you be the judge of the outcome.

I think you will see what I mean!

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