AntiFragility in the O.R.


No matter what, the system flourishes

(An Anti-fragility response to chaos)

If you are going to repeatedly smash a system, and it seems we can't help ourselves but expect it

of healthcare, then at least design it to be smashed!

Rationalisation has led to the ultimate conclusion whereby we have removed the redundancy from

the system and expected efficiencies to compensate for the reduction in investment.

That may be ok up to a point in steady-state systems, but healthcare is anything BUT steady state.

It is a chaotic system with surges in demand, logistical overburdening and time-critical emergent


Thus rationalisation leads to fatigue and error, with dire consequences.

So if we are going to repeatedly smash a system, then we have no option but to design it to be


In fact, doing so may very well afford great opportunity compared to where we are now.

Systems of work in a chaotic system need inbuilt redundancy to enable sufficient flux to cope with

surges in demand.

We can't say "unexpected surges in demand", because we know that the probability of surges is

high, and therefore expected.

By optimising the system through evoked redundancy, we actually energise the system by

increasing wellbeing and engagement.

This may sound impossible, but the 'Below Ten Thousand' High Performance Teams methodology

gives you a roadmap to achieve exactly that.

Mission Possible?

You'd better believe it!

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