International Nurses Day


There was once a soul

So perfectly clear

That whosoever looked into it

Saw a different colour.

So those with hope saw white;

those with hatred saw black;

those with envy saw green;

those with anger saw red;

And those with sorrow saw blue.

It was so baffling

That none could understand:

"To beware of what you think you see

In case you see yourself?"

One day, they gathered

And stood all round,

comparing what each could see:

Red saw red, and went to where Orange saw orange.

Orange saw orange, and went to where Yellow saw yellow.

Yellow saw yellow, and went to where Green saw green.

Green saw green, and went to where Blue saw blue.

Blue saw blue, and went to where Purple saw purple.

And so they walked, then ran

Around and around

Faster and faster

Until, finally,

When they were almost exhausted,

They saw a burst of light

With the brilliance of

Ten thousand suns.

Stunned, they stopped

And each, turning to each

Found in their new understanding

That each to their own,

Had turned perfectly clear

And sparkled like a diamond in the sun.

A Poem By Pete

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