Nurse Leadership and Trust

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Trust and Leadership:

When breaking in a horse, you can break its will, or earn its trust.

Guess which delivers the best result?

In health care, we sometimes find a manager's manager.

A command and control aspirant who wants to lead by 'telling'.

Being in control feels right, appears strong, known to fly planes into the ground.

Leadership, on the other hand, implies followers.

And in order to get strong results on the ground, it is important to have strong and engaged followers.

Not sycophants who will respond unquestioningly to your every command, but soldiers who will adapt and regroup and deliver.

Leadership demands listening.

And serving those you entrust to deliver the quality of care you wish delivered by creating a clinical framework that increases the certainty with which it can be delivered, each time, every time, to exacting and precise and optimal standards

Unfortunately, it is a lot less glamorous than the glorified power relationship that gives 'management' a luring omnipotence and a satisfying adrenaline-soaked glow.

Leadership takes trust, time and a lot of investment.

But in the long run, it is easier to do something right once than wrong twice, and the results....

....are the ones we are looking for when it comes to healthcare.

All we need to do is give up a little of our egos, turn our mindsets upside down, and voila....

High Performance Team Methodologies with high performance team results.

Can we afford NOT to?

(My apologies for the mixed metaphors (horse trainers, pilots, infantry, Freud)....but it seems that just about everyone gets the picture but us!)

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