Plan, Do, Check, Build.

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Everywhere I turn with respect to the innovations we come up with as a 'Below Ten Thousand' team, experts in the field ask in kindness, because they know we are un-credentialed amateurs:

"Do you know about the "Plan Do Study Act" Quality Improvement cycle?

We nod politely as they reiterate a synopsis of the cycle to us for our educational benefit.

But we have our own cycle.

We plan strategically, setting in place a visualisation of the outcome we would like to achieve, and how we think that outcome would be best achIeved.

Often the plan includes inducement and messaging as low cost high impact marketing strategies using solutions and ideas generated by mind mapping.

We think, ALWAYS: "so, what would such a solution LOOK like?"

Then we do it, using John's exceptional networking ability, and my passive 'sit in the background and watch how things go' mentality.

In good time, we check the progress with respect to the outcome, a debrief if you will.

And then we take the collaborative feedback we have garnished, and we use it to build the concept even further, strengthening it by adding to it the amazing things that others have added without even realising that they are helping us out.

Because where some people expect resistance with respect to offering critical feedback, with us they get investment.

Further to the build is the idea that collaborators make for future champions, and so we feed back to them how their contribution has empowered our idea, and next thing you know, we have built further capacity across the floor, because now the concept is even more robust, and yet another person has 'ownership', and rightly so!

So the experts are right.

We ARE un-credentialed amateurs.

But that affords us some benefits.

We can develop our ideas unencumbered by rules and pedagogy, and thus be fast and responsive in the discovery and execution of new solutions.

More of the same thinking gets you more of the same results.

You want things to change?

Change your thinking.

And if you want.....

.....we can help you with that.


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