On Strong Wings, an Idea can Fly

Suzanne Rogan-Salafia is the best!

She is the educator for the operating theatres at Liverpool Hospital, the largest theatre complex in NSW.

She has passion, energy and drive.

She has taken up the 'Below Ten Thousand' idea with gusto, and has seen it implemented to its full scope and intent within her own operating theatres.

Not only that, but she has every nursing executive leader in her institution and area health service battering down her door to make sure it happens. and to lend the gentle persuasion of their positional power to the cause.

Soon she may well be doing an Health Area wide research project on 'Below Ten Thousand' and publishing it of her own regard.

She has consulted us along the way, but the energy and passion and drive, not to mention the success, is entirely hers!

When John and I first discussed noise distractions in Recovery on that one day, we made a pact.

It was: "Let's have a play with the idea, and see how far we get."

This is how far we got.

An idea is like a butterfly.

It starts as something discretely humble, vulnerable at best. It goes through a metamorphosis, and suddenly it no longer belongs in your hand. Try to hold on and you crush it, but letting go can be hard to do. To grow, it needs nurturing that can only come from other minds, other people with unique abilities and capacities who can transform the idea into a fully fledged entity with strength enough to turn the wind.

It is no coincidence that the butterfly is the metaphor for chaos theory.

Small changes can lead to big things, afforded just the right influences and conditions.

Suzanne has learned well the concept, and interestingly, she has taken on board some of our educational 'marketing' techniques along the way.

I would love to have been there when she gives her first 'Below Ten Thousand' presentation.

I would have been so pleased and so proud, not just of her, but of our idea as well!

It truly seems to have come of age.

How do I feel about our concept growing beyond our wildest dreams, and beyond our control?

The best ideas should be let soar free!

And Suzanne is the best ever person to hold the key to the cage.

I have absolute faith in her.

Well done, Suzanne, and good luck!


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