Fitting it all together!

Im listening

As I was working on the weekend, something seemed to come to mind:

We always say: "We do what we do because that's what we do".

But how does it all fit together?

We work. Our day plays out. Nothing much seems to change.

Different day, same stuff going on.

As some would say:

"Same shit; Different bucket."

As Pete would say:

"Same finger; Different socket."

People and systems behaving in predictable ways.

Same pressures, conflicts, concerns, fears.

We know we have a target in mind when we work on BTT.

But how do we translate it all into a form that others can understand?

Like, we have 'Below Ten Thousand', and we have worked on Fatigue and Shinobi with varying degrees of success (are there varying degrees of nil?), and there is all this stuff, but it seems so confusing and, and.....surely there has to be some sort of order?

Well, it seems there is.

We centre our focus on High Performance Teams, because that is where the action is.

And in order to have High Performance Teams, we need engaged clinicians who are well.

Go figure.

It's that simple.

Check this out, and see what you think.

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