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As I walk around my operating theatre, I see exceptional people engaging selflessly and tirelessly in the task of caring exceptionally for ordinary people.

This is my world…..This is what I SEE.


Of course things aren't perfect.

Health Care is a complex business, and things don't often flow as well as we would like them to.

Poorly designed processes, lack of time and chaotic events conspire against us. However, even in the presence of these things, all I see are exceptional people engaging selflessly in the task of caring exceptionally for ordinary people.

Despite obstacles, each and every person I see is doing the best they can with what they've got, and in doing so, they continually radiate 100% engagement with the task they are entrusted with:

Treating people at their most vulnerable. Treating them with dignity, respect, good humour and good will. Each and every person doing this to the best of their ability each and every day.

If I was a manager and had such clarity of vision to see this, what would I say to them????

Perhaps something like this…….

"You guys are exceptional in doing what you do, and you do it simply because we ask it of you…..”

“Now I owe it to you to want to make you even better….”

“Not to be better as people and clinicians, because I know you are doing your best under the circumstances…”

“What I want to do is make your circumstances better so that you can do what you do easier, safer and with less struggle, so that you can do it again tomorrow, next week, next month and next year…”

“I am going to call this improvement 'High Performance Teams', not because you are not already a team, but because we: you and I; should ALL contribute as a high performance team…”

“That way, we can all work together to address all the things that get in the road of you providing effortless SAFE high level care….”

Things such as:





Work Flow.

Process design.

Growing human capacity.

Resource boundary ethics.

Crisis management simulation training.


“Of course, it's one step at a time, but by the time we are through, we will be certainly better invested in delivering a high reliability outcome as a high performance team in an industry endemically considered to be high risk with a high probability of clinician burnout….”

“Now that's something to be excited about and engaged with….”

“You guys are awesome.”

“Now, let us walk this path together, and see where this winding road may lead.”

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