No-Sell Technique


People have been asking us:

"Why aren't you SELLING anything? Don't you have SOMETHING we can buy?"

And the answer is: "No. We don't."

It is the answer to the question "Why?" that has had me stumped.

Until now.

As I was kneading my home made hand made bread today, I came to a realisation.

The reason we are not selling any product is because:

We ARE the product.

Let's imagine you bought a poster, a T-shirt, a 'thingumy' a plane off us.

How long do you think it would last?

A week?

A month?

What we are selling is engagement.

And engagement lasts a lifetime!

Empowering people to be enthused and engaged is not easy.

It requires us allowing them to be enthused and engaged, which means making the thing they want

to be enthused and engaged about THEIR business.

Which means they have to learn the 'chase'.

We are in the business of selling 'Ground-up Culture Change'.

And we can't sell you that.


Whilst we are working out how to do so, we can do one thing:

Pay our way and we will come and talk to you.

That is a promise.

But you can't have us for free.

What you can have for free is our stuff, the material we have invented to sell our product:

i.e. the method in our madness leading to ground-up culture change, starting with the noise and distraction abatement, situational awareness and team behaviour tool, 'Below Ten Thousand'.

Download it.

Print it out.

Share it around.

With enthusiasm.

The money you save you can spend on Tim Tams.

And some lemon tea to soothe your aching throat when you find people want to talk, talk, talk!

Good luck!

If you want us, you know where to find us.


Roaming free!

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