Tim Tams: The Official BTT Food

Tim Tams: The Official 'Below Ten Thousand' Food!

People notice Tim Tams more than they notice signage.

We put:

Yardang posters on the wall;

Policy posters here and there;

Little planes on the top of anaesthetic machines;

What do people most notice?

Someone walking around the operating suite with a box of Tim Tams under his arm.

"Hey. What's with the Tim Tams?"

Another invitation to talk about 'Below Ten Thousand'.

Then we give them a packet of Tim Tams.

Soon, they are struck with the same fate.

"Hey! What's with the Tim Tams?"

"Some guy gave them to me.

It's to do with 'Below Ten Thousand'."

"What's 'Below Ten Thousand'?"

Talk, talk, show, explain, chew, chew, chew.

Then, Hopefully, Do.

Job done.

Maybe our Professional Development Certificate should have a picture of Tim Tams on it.

After all, the two hours of PD follow a similar learning journey:





A similar but slightly extended instructional pathway.

Without the calories.

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