Or: Houston, What Does This Big Red Button Do?

Possibilities exist everywhere.

Obstacles exist likewise.

A question in our last presentation was:

"When do we start?"

When is it time to take the brakes off and launch a project such as BTT?

Should we wait until EVERYBODY has made up their mind and wants to come on board?

Or should we carry on and wait for everyone else to catch up?

It was a great question.

Is it worth waiting for universal education, acceptance and approval on BTT?

After all, it has always been a ground-up exercise that has developed entirely under the radar anyway.

The threat is that by waiting, we lose steam and everybody gets bored and gives up, in which case the opportunity goes to ground and an idea dies.

Best to get started with the Nurses, Techs and Anaesthetists who are on board and ready to go.

Call it a Stage 1 release.

For the rest, all we need is availability and time to inform those few who have slipped the conversation net through lack of opportunity or rostering dichotomies.

Also, there is no need for the late-adopters nor the procrastinators to be up to date. They will pick up the nuances of BTT as they go along. Or not.

And as a ground-up exercise, even managers who may not be fully on board will see where the benefits lie, and will be happy to take the easy win, win, win!

Our latest creation is a Professional Development Certificate which emphasises our 'Spread by Osmosis' ambitions.

We offer certification for two hours of informal Professional Development on the basis of

'Read, Think, Do, Teach' (RTDT) (Like R2D2, only different!) (R2D2=Read Twice, Do Twice?).

By the time you assimilate the information, process the information, practice the new learning and then show someone else how it's done, you have invested two hours in spreading the message, and both learning and teaching are permissable as Professional Development hours.

See the Certificate in the BTT resource page!

Then email us. We will put your name on one and send it to you.

Enter the hours in your Professional Development log.


Success, success, success!

Take the plunge.

Press that big red button.

Metaphorically, that is, NOT the one on the (Enter name of Clinical Setting here) wall!


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