Marketing BTT

It's a crazy time thinking up ideas to sell the message of 'Below Ten Thousand', whether it is to friends and colleagues or as-yet-unmet fellow professionals.

Trying to capture their imagination in a way that engages their intelligence challenges even my creativity!

The latest attempt to arrive at a novel destination is the creation of the 'Thingumy'.

Of course, the thingumy folds up into a childhood memory for which I forget the name, and as you make your successive selections, they take you deeper and deeper into a particular aspect of BTT

(That is, if you can call 3 layers 'deeper and deeper'!).

So what starts out as 'situational awareness' leads you to 'contingency planning', or as my educator debriefed to me: "On this particular occasion, if he had have called a 'Below 10,000' on generalised bleeding which was becoming problematic, we could have set up an open tray, and it wouldn't have been such a mad rush when he suddenly wanted to convert".

Yep. The thingumy. Playful. Colourful. Educational.

Download it for free on our Below 10,000 page.


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