I want Shinobi!



So....What can I do?





The self-­care responsive staff member:


Has a responsibility to:


•Set achievable goals for self

•Be team-­affirmative and professional

•Establish effective personal habits

•And take responsibility for their own compliance with OH&S and ACORN directed self-­care measures.....


Despite their predisposition towards guilt.





The Self-­Care Responsive Manager:


Has a responsibility to:


Establish and maintain the professional performance and behavioural expectations of the team


Engage in fair and timely Conflict Resolution and Performance Management processes


Communicate effectively in a Dynamic and variably intense environment


And Respect:

• Resource limitations

• The impact of fatigue on well-­being


and finally, see Physical and Emotional well-­being as an investment

rather than as an obstacle to productivity.






All I want to achieve:


•Sustainable work ethic


•Wellbeing at work and at home


•Longevity in the workforce


•Balance between productivity and wellbeing


It’s not too much to ask…..


....Is It?




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