'Self Care Strategies for Operating Theatre Nurses' was the title of an original presentation delivered to the NSW Operating Theatre Nurses Conference in 2011.

However, the philosophy, arguments and principles apply to everyone. 

"Sustainability? Well. I never!"

The Shinobi Project

The Truth; The Whole Truth; and nothing BUT the truth.

You don't have to like it, but sustainability matters.

And nowhere does it matter more than with the individual.

Sure. You are a nurse. But you are other things too.

Caring for others when they are at their most vulnerable is only PART of who you are.

We can't make you look after yourself, but we can help you understand the forces behind being asked to do TOO MUCH.

Shinobi: The Game

A game?


That is.....'So Pete!'.


Gamification helps explore ideas and attitudes.


How else but by thinking 'outside the box' can you change your thinking to something that is currently outside your current box?


Live; Explore; Enjoy.


Debrief with Sniffa

So we had an idea that debriefing, although recommended, had few opportunities to co-exist within our current systems of work.


We thought about telephone peer mentoring, but...too hard!

So, being BTT, we thought we would try a different approach:

Talk to the hand? NO! Talk to the DOG!


Competent listening in confidence.


Welcome to the team, Sniffa.

Workshop Workbook

It is confronting stuff, self-understanding.

It is personally challenging when you know you should say "NO!"


To make it easier, we make it NOT about the conflict, but about the working together to find a better way.

Win-Win is possible, but we have to re-write the social contract.


Don't be scared. Be dared!

A Game?

'The Seven Circles of Hell for Whistleblowers (The Game)


"Abandon hope, all ye who enter here" said Dante.

But was it a warning, or just good advice?


Regulators want whistleblowers, but can the harsh reality ever match the dream?

Below Ten Thousand

An international collaboration

Empowering clinicians in safety culture