Recovery Edukation and Discussion Deck


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The Deck

Don't be scared.

Every patient is an examination of the lump sum of your nursing knowledge.

You can, at any time, be dealt ANY card from the Deck.

You know you can handle it, so you can handle this too.

Acquiring and dispensing knowledge is an adventure.

You get to explore.

You get to come across questions you are not sure about.

Supreme good fortune! Find out together!


You guessed it:

Something to do with Cardiovascular.

Lots to talk about.

I Heart Recovery!


We took it to be a scalpel blade.

Pain! A long and lonely road.

Acute pain; Chronic pain; Complex pain.

All a walk in the park for your average Recovery nurse!

from Pete's new book

Due to popular requests (n=1),

Pete has included an excerpt from his new book

'Authenticity in Nursing'


He doesn't take much encouragement, does he.

Got an idea?

Have you engaged with a student on topics in the READD?

Have something else in mind other than what we have so far?

We would love to hear from you.

You can do it.

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Looks like a pulmonary alveolus.

Therefore Respiratory. A breath of fresh air.

Time to get those gloves on.

Airway management? Recovery. One of the best places to learn!




This is the most important suit.

We focus so much on the technical stuff....

...that we forget about the way we go about getting the job done.

25% of all knowledge should be this.

Thirteen different ways of shovelling your way out of the shit!

AKA Survival skills. Learn them so you won't need to.

The Crossword

Have you endured the READD talk, in person or by reading the script?


Now it is time to TEST your newfound knowledge.

Fair warning: The puzzle is made by Pete!!!!!


Well done to Denise, the first to complete!

Anaesthetic Periodic Table

Pete's Introductory Guide to Anaesthetic Nursing:

Anaesthetics as a Periodic Table

He obviously has too much time on his hands

But then again.....

This little gem may just help!

It's the closest we get to a String Theory for Anaesthetics.