Human Factors Study Outcome


So, I've talked to the theatre techs and the anaesthetists and the scrub nurses and the scouts and the anaesthetic nurses and maybe a surgeon or two, and we have kicked the concept around.


Now it is time to put pen to paper and nail our collaborative construct down, first so we can develop an educational platform, and secondly, so that I can present it as a poster at upcoming conferences.


This is the hard part, because we are not playing any more. 

NOW, we are getting serious.


Because this will improve the way we do business, and move us one step closer to being a high performance team.


The benefit of doing what we've done is that it offers us unique educational opportunities.


Using the model to describe the functioning of the team under pressure, we can then afford junior staff the chance to participate in a safe manner, for example, by assisting B with setting up the Level 1 and checking the blood.


They can then watch the team in action, better understand the dynamics of the non-technical aspects displayed, and then, by building aspiration and competence, we can grow their ability and their functioning towards being an expert fully functioning member of the extended team.


Building the future with safe hands and safe minds :)

The End

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