Human Factors Study


At 'Below Ten Thousand Medical', we have been exploring

Human Factors in Anaesthetic Nursing

in the BTT Conceptual Laboratory.

"Oh, God!!!!!" I hear you say;

"What's Pete been up to NOW!!!!" be more precise:

"What can Lego add to Nursing Education?"


Read on!

Human Factors in Anaesthetics
The Idea:

An emergency crashes through the door.

You have five minutes notice.

How we do what we do determines how we handle what we do.

Task sequencing?

Fluxing Leadership?

Divisions of labour?

Communication pathways?

Programmed refreshment?

All this and more!

Read on!!!

The Simulated Sim:

Drawing sketches on paper didn't seem to cut it.

There was so much more to consider:

Dynamic Footprints;

Contested airspace;

Traffic corridors;



Who, What, How?

What was needed was a model.

OK!!! NOW.....LET'S PLAY!!!!!

The Sealed Section:

Now we're talking.

Or rather.....communicating and engaging in a structured and strategic way.

What could possibly go wrong?

Teams with direct communication pathways.

Timely task sequencing with an underlying architecture of flow.

Focus on the task at hand with optimised outcome in mind.

Trust, because everybody knows who's job it is to do....X.

I think we have....gasp.....control!!!!!

Why 'sealed'?

Because this is what everyone is itching to find out!

The climax of the story!

Everyone DOES WELL:

Debriefing Opportunities Explore Situations With Excellently Leveraged Learning!


Ain't it great, being part of an amazing team!

OK, so I've selected:


Anaesthetic Team:

Luke Hodge (Hawks) (in gold) as the Supervising anaesthetist

Jimmy Bartel (Geelong) as the Airway anaesthetist

Harry Taylor (Geelong) is the Airway nurse

Two Josh Kennedys (Swans) as Anaesthetist and nurse, are putting in the drips, art line and CVC

I think that's Rorie Sloane (Adelaide) checking blood with Trent Cotchin (Tigers)

And Justin Westhoff is the unallocated anaesthetic team member.


Surgical Team:

Jarrod Croker (Rugby League, Canberra Raiders) is the Theatre Tech

Two Steele Sidebottoms and Jamie Elliot (Collingwood) are the surgeons

Josh Gibson (Hawthorn) is the scrub nurse

Billy Slater (Rugby League, Melbourne Storm) is the scout


Please correct me if I'm wrong.

If you have any arguments as to who SHOULD be on the team

please excuse me if I settle debates RUGBY LEAGUE style! 


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