Finding the 'Sweet Spot'


Here at BTT, we realised that everything we talk about leads us to the concept of high performance teams. 

Therefore, talking about fatigue suddenly reframes to high performance.


Talking about workload becomes more than a treatise in advanced laziness.

The 'Below Ten Thousand' strategy transports you into the realm of work design, of anticipating 'how people work together within and as a team' and this becomes a stepping stone to creating your very own 'high performance team'.


Don't take our word for it.

See and think for yourself.

Note we say:

High performance TEAMS....

Not high performance Individuals!

Improving Operating Theatre Outcomes using HPT Concepts

Welcome to our concept of introducing High Performance Teams to the Operating Theatre.

I would like to thank Wendi and Jay Hays for coaching me on the principles enclosed within.

Further thanks to Wendi for her creativity in composing this particular part of our work.

Here, I am standing on the shoulders of intellectual giants.

Communities of Practice

'Communities of Practice' is central to our precept of engagement, empowerment and accountability.


Engaged nurses remain invested, and invested, their value to the organisation is comprehensive.

They are more likely to effectively resolve problems otherwise causing futility.


They are also more immune to burnout. Huge saving!

If you are in doubt, see the Game Theory of Burnout in the Shinobi Project.


Communities of Practice. Jay Hays' work.

Thanks, Jay.

We are grossly indebted.


Leadership Trust Pyramid



Do I REALLY have to do that?

But.....I'm the boss.

Why can't I just tell people what to do?

Pete's answer to Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing.

Trust + Leadership = Results!

Our Model for
Change Engineering

Yup. We call it the 'HPT Dharma Wheel'.

Why? Because it is different; And it's more fun!


Even in articulating our BTT model, we collaborate.

And we don't always think exactly the same.

(If we did, one of us would be unneccessary. And that person would be ME!!!)

So just to prove our divergent thoughts, John's comments are in RED!

And, see. His words add MUCH more power to the idea!


Funnily, the to-and-fro style of the conversation reminds me of a classic business methodology text: 'The Art of War', by Sun Tzu.


Interesting stuff, but I must admit:

I prefer the 'Tao te Ching', by Lao Tzu

Examples of HPT Applications

Things seem overly complicated?


Is there no flow to your systems processes?


Help is at hand as John and Pete deliver 'cutting edge thinking' as sharp and dynamic as your best harmonic scalpel.

Workshop Notes

High Performance Teams: A multi-dimensional study of cause and effect:


Right across the Operating Theatre, from Theatre 1 to Theatre 10, we have high performance teams. 




Interestingly enough, perceptions across disciplines can be misleading.

We think we are high performance teams, but we often act not accordingly.


Here you use our own resourcefulness to turn things around, leading to you working smarter, better, safer. Not harder.


Well done!

Leadership Trust Pyramid Discussion



How do I do that?

I know I'm the boss.

But I want the BEST out of my team!

Trust + Leadership=Results!

High Performance Teams? Bring it on!!!!!!!

Key Performance Drivers.


See if you can work it out!