(Fatigue as a Workplace Injury)


We at 'Below Ten Thousand Medical' have invented a whole new quantum assessment paradigm for the field of Fatigue research.


We call it the 'FAWPI'.


FAWPI is a virtual virtual currency invented to subjectively quantify and qualify levels of fatigue in the individual.


It is more fun than the Likert scale, and more interesting than the Verbal Analogue Scale.


Up until now, nurses have no ability to offer a qualitative nor quantitative analysis to accurately describe how they are feeling when, at times of fatigue intoxication, analytical cognition is reduced.


FAWPI offers a simple analytical application which may be deconstructed once cognitive function is restored by rest.


Further, whilst 'others' may fail to appreciate expressions of fatigue due to suspended belief arising from an inability to comprehend vague perspectival narratives, application of FAWPI may offer a tool for increased mutual understanding by providing a simple transmissible and easily articulated symbol of some speculative value.


Whilst FAWPI is not yet validated as a scientific tool nor as a virtual virtual currency, it goes a small way to providing raw data pertaining to the level of physical and mental fatigue that is being suffered by an individual and which on further examination and analysis may yield a pathway to deeper understanding of the phenomenon that is occurring.


Industry-wide use of the FAWPI Scale may yet yield a critical mass of data which may reveal, for the first time a stark and visual realisation of the tsunami of fatigue currently inundating clinical health professionals as they struggle to cope with overwhelming demand in the face of underwhelming clinical infrastructure, time and human resources.


To get an indication of relative value, the metaphorical exchange rate for a FAWPI is:




And the 1 - 1000 FAWPI scale represents, in broad terms, how much you would pay to be able to reset your fatigue debt to zero right now.


1000 FAWPI seem like too much? Then maybe it's a long time since you fell asleep waiting for the lights to change whilst driving home from work.




Disclaimer: FAWPI is a metaphor invented to symbolise the physical, physiological, psychological, cognitive, emotional and existential expression of fatigue as probabilistic exponential subjective increments. FAWPI have no cash value, and are not tradable as a monetary, fiscal, economic or barter form of exchange. If you are after money, look someplace else.