Fatigue Mitigating Frameworks:

We know 'Fatigue'. 

We live it most days.

But what does a 'Fatigue Mitigating' framework look like?

No-one knows, which is why we are going to map one out for you.

Executive Framework

The Executive set the cultural tone and policy for their organisation.


Fatigue mitigation is the most serious new paradigm in Health Care Safety.


Yes. The Future of Health Care starts with you.


To Err, indeed, Is Human.


Here we set aside for you an image of what a fatigue policy might look like.


Not because you need to follow it.


Only because, as you pick your way through the mistakes in OUR vision,

you may find, cementing itself in YOUR vision,

an image of what MAY just BE POSSIBLE


We are only nurses, after all. It's you who has the competence in this area, and it's you who can take charge in the effort to DELIVER RESULTS.

Nurse Manager's Framework

"A system is perfectly designed to achieve the results it gets"


So said someone.


As a Middle Manager, this is YOUR bunny.


It's called "Delivering the Clinical Framework within which your clinicians operate".


If you respect your ability to deliver clinical outcomes, then this is where you start.


Are you prepared to follow the white rabbit?



Clinician's Framework

How you deliver your care to the patient is what worries you most.


You take so much for granted: 


Night duty


Long intensive hours

On-call and recall

Professional pride in being part of a 'competent survivor' population.


Time to expect more.


Not just of yourself, but of those who set the Framework within which you are a 'competent survivor'.


Don't be worried. It's not because you are going soft.


It's only so that you can provide the best possible care to your patient. 


To Sleep, Perchance to Dream?

"Are we dreaming?

Yay? Or verily, Nay!

Perchance it may be

That policies on Fatigue springeth into existence

But we don't know what they are

For we knoweth not what they look like!"


Shakespeare in his lesser known play: 'A Midsummer Night's Operating Theatre Dream'.