Examples of High Performance Team Methods


High Performance Teams don't just happen.

They happen because you make them happen.

Here are examples of HPT Methodologies applied by Pete and John in real life situations.

Systems Unc0mp3xity and Next Step Thinking

A conversation about intubation trolleys leads us into an investigation of human factor ergonomics and efficient work processes.





Can it be so easy?

Systems Theory 101

A discussion about the pros and cons of Morning Briefing becomes an opportunity to have a look at the way we manage workload boundaries in the Operating Theatre.




It's in the dictionary even if it ain't in the real world.

Holy Handrub

The evidence was there.

Right next to the sink.


20% compliance?

But we're a high performance team, right?

An all encompassing investigation into doing it right.

All we have to do now is do it right.

Surgical Safety Checklist

Upon a chance meeting with our hopsital CEO, we were asked the following question:


Why are Theatre staff so BAD at compliance with the Surgical Safety Checklist?


The answer? It's as easy as 1,2,3.