The BTT Honour Roll



Sue Carroll and Graham Barnes

Blackburn College, U.K.

Sue and Graham

Course Leaders

Media Studies

Blackburn College


In collaboration with Rob Tomlinson, Sue and her Class of 2018 students worked incredibly hard to produce posters to illustrate Rob's brief on 'Below Ten Thousand', for which we are incredibly grateful and by which we are incredibly impressed.

Graham's students filmed and edited Rob's exceptional video which is now hosted on the ELHT's Youtube channel

Professor Jane Reid


Professor Jane Reid has been a central influence in getting our first peer reviewed journal article published.

She introduced us to Chris Wiles at the Association for Perioperative Practice and the rest is history!  

Jane = Professor of Awesome!

Carol-Anne Moulton

Toronto, Canada

For her work on Slowing Down Moments

And for allowing us to use it.



World Champion Italian Glider Pilot, who graciously allowed us permission to use his glider video to illustrate advanced Below Ten Thousand concepts.


Many, many thanks!

Stewart Flemming

Fremantle, W.A.

A Hand and Plastic Surgeon from WA. 

Stewart contacted us and introduced us to the concept of 'Slowing Down Moments'.

'Slowing Down Moments' has gone on to be the second 'S' in our SITES Acronym, adding immense surgical value to the original concept

Irina Baleanu

Geelong, Vic

For helping us realise in the very early days that BTT was MUCH MUCH more than just 'Quiet".

John Morrow

Blackpool, UK

Somewhere along the line, John Morrow embraced the courageous talent of Socratic Questioning. He is not afraid to challenge our thinking, thus encouraging us to excel beyond our comfort paradigm and to think of great new ideas in great and different ways. Great Portrait, with our many thanks, Drawn by Bess

Geelong, Vic

For his esteemed support and advocacy

at every step along the way

Michelle is a Senior Patient Safety Analyst at the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority. She has been very kind in advocating for our work.

Click here to read Michelle's work entitled:

Distractions and Their Impact on Patient Safety
Pa Patient Saf Advis 2013 Mar;10(1):1-10.   

Dr Frank Sweeny


Straight Talk MD is a Medical Podcast examining current hot-button healthcare issues from an open-minded, and often unconventional point of view. With over twenty-five years of first-hand experience, Frank approaches topics with a skeptical mind, presenting all the information, to help you decide for yourself.

We decided. Frank is supercool!

Sherice Burgess

North West Private Hospital Qld

Sherice introduced 'Below Ten Thousand' to her hospital.

Then, as a thank you present, she sent us theatre caps. With aeroplanes on them! 

And our names embroidered on the side!

Sherice is TOTALLY AWESOME! Thank you, Sherice!

Brieana Rose

For reminding us why we do the things we do, 

And why our professionality matters so much to us

Laura Teale

For remembering us

And living our influence...

.....ten years on!

Graeme Owen

Darwin, NT

Part time Paramedic @ the Top End,

Part time Soil Scientist.

Yup. Crocodiles and Cracking Clays!

For his inspiration, knowledge, and his ears to the ground!

And his knowledge on all things Black Box Thinking!

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