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Product 1: Original Policy


The 'Below Ten Thousand' Policy


Product 2: Poster


'Yardang' Poster


Print as A3 for best visual impact.


Product 3: Chatterbox


Demonstration Tool


Requires Primary School level paper-folding skills!


If Pete can work it out....

....ANYONE can work it out.


He weren't much good at Primry Skool


Product 4: Plane


A new version of the original 'Below Ten Thousand' Plane

to use as a Guerrilla marketing tool.


Drag image to desktop.


Product 5: Tri-fold Pamphlet


Print double sided and fold for your very own departmental letterbox drop!


Product 6: M8 IT CAN W8 Sign


Mobile phones a distraction?


Here's our solution!




Product 7: Official Policy Document


As provided for ACORN


Product 8: Our Survey Questions


As provided for ACORN

With thanks to Dr Andrew Marriott for his guidance


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