Below 10,000 (Medical Application)

Five conversations in the theatre at extubation.

Four were non-task related; one was task-specific.

"Is that too much noise to wake up an anaesthetised patient?"


Whilst the above statement may seem counter-intuitive, quiet at the right time is imperative, especially in high risk situations requiring high cognitive load.


Asking for and getting cooperation from the extended team is not always easy, and the skills required to maintain a positive collaborative environment are not inate, despite the fact that we are all intelligent people.


"Shut up!" is sometimes the most tempting default behaviour. Unfortunately, we can't have everyone expletivating every time they want to concentrate. 


Vocalisations with negative connotations can also create a barrier to the construct of 'team', especially in a 'team' that comprises hierarchy and differences in power and status.


Not the best outcome when there is potential for better.


'Below 10,000' is the tool you need in this situation.


It is non-conflictory, non-confrontational, and provides immediate unquestioned quiet.


Further, it offers you the opportunity to then enlist help.


All you have to do is outline what you see as the problem, thereby inviting input from the considerable and varied expertise in the room.


Ahhh. Results! 


That's what we are here for.


And the betterer, the betterer.



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'Below Ten Thousand'


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