The Art of Below Ten Thousand

You've seen them, you want them. The images that make up BTT.
The Plane

This image was the lynchpin of our guerrilla marketing campaign.


Signposted around the theatre as is, with no further explanation, people came to us wondering what it meant.


An invitation to talk?



The Sign

The sign came later.


Printed as a glossy photo in a larger format, we used it to signpost the front desk where noise was a perpetual problem.


Later we printed off 6x4 photos, and used these to signpost all of our theatres

The Presentation

Immediate unquestioned quiet


Focus on the task at hand


Pivotal times


These are the core aspects of BTT

that render it effective and powerful.


Use these slides to deliver your message

to your colleagues

Pete's Drawings

All care, no responsibility.


Pete dabbles in stuff he knows nothing about, and drawing is no exception.


Better put on your Peril-Sensitive Sunglasses for this one (That's the ones that turn completely black at the first sign of danger).

ref the genius of Douglas Adams


Caveat emptor.





Pete's Paintings


It all started with a ruptured diverticular abcess, followed by an emergency Hartmanns Procedure.


Since then, Pete has given himself the authority to do the things that truly make him a person.


There's something about walking through the valley of the shadow of death that will do that to a person.


Knowing Pete, he not only walked through it, but he stopped to smell the roses.


If you want to know if he loves and trusts his colleagues, he did and he does.


He would trust them with his life!


How many people could say THAT of their work colleagues??!!




Below Ten Thousand

An international collaboration

Empowering clinicians in safety culture