Antus Benner psychologica (The Conclusion!)


So now it gets to the point where my ant farm is done, and I get to rest.


Biomimetics is a dangerous science.

It offers many useful solutions to particular problems.


Is one of those opportunities a way to sculpture the culture of an operating theatre complex?

I'll let you be the judge, as only you can be. 


So the path I went down here was a thought experiment, which may be right, or may be wrong.

It is only wholly wrong, however, if it fails to make us think.


So in terms of the dot-point singularity of my perspective, this is where I say goodbye.

The rest is up to you.


If you want a Pete Quote to sum up:


"A shadow is the perfect image of an object as seen from the single dot-point perspective of the lamp."


My thoughts. My shadow.

21: Listening
22: Readiness

At the end of the day, it is not enough to know.


You have to be able to creatively apply what you know 


And if nobody is listening?


Then you do and have done all you can and can do


Resting assured that no effort is ever wasted;


It is just awaiting a better and more responsive era.



Readiness has been structured into a hierarchy of:


Responsive Readiness in the Person;


Resource Readiness in the System;




Potentiation Readiness in the Vision.


In Pete's phrasiology?


"Maximising responsiveness in a hyperdynamic organic system to make it collaborative, persistent, safe and adaptive."



23: Data and Systems
24: The End of Pete's Story

So where does data fit into this?


Responsiveness to events is through communication and systems.


My 80:20 rule?


"Life is about the small things".


They are what gets things done.


Response to data is about good computational logic.


The maths is easy.


The difficult thing is working out what should be in the equation.


Both doing and logic are valuable.


You have to learn to see and listen to both.


You wouldn't want a blind man being lead by a deaf dog.


So there you go.


That is about all I have to say.


Use it, abuse it, do whatever you want.


If you choose to engage, then that is really really cool.


If not, then....


Thanks for the opportunity to share.




Kind regards forever,



Pete Smith



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